HERMES is a project management method for IT,
services, products and business organisations.

HERMES was developed by Switzerland's Federalbrand HERMES
Administration and is available as an open standard.
Many cantons, cities, educational institutions and
private sector companies have successfully introduced

HERMES can be applied immediately and offers:

  • Scenarios for concrete project processes
  • A web tool for methodical support
  • Checklists and templates for efficient project management
  • Training with certification
  • Exchanges of experience
  • Ongoing further development with users

HERMES is easy and understandable: 

  • Clear task descriptions with activities
  • Concrete role descriptions
  • Document templates for quick results

HERMES supports:

  • The client with sustainability and governance enforcement
  • The project leader with planning, checking and management
  • Specialists with project execution
  • Management with higher-level strategic project management

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